Womb Awakening Full Moon Ceremony: Shame & Forgiveness - 42 Acres

Womb Awakening Full Moon Ceremony: Shame & Forgiveness

Sat 15th February 2020 —
12.00 TO 21.00



Shame is rarely given a voice. It is hardly given room for acknowledgement, let alone expression. Despite being totally natural and something we have all experienced, it is an emotion we struggle to process. Often we manage to bury shame so deep, we are no longer conscious of its presence.

Emotion is in fact, energy in motion. As humans, part of our living and breathing aliveness is to express emotions, both positive and negative. They are supposed to be transient and flow through us. We are neither to suppress them, nor attempt to hold on to them, but simply trust in their coming and going, their flow. We must allow emotions to move through us and give ourselves the space needed to express them freely.

We have been collectively misguided to believe emotions themselves are weak and we should “keep them to ourselves”. However, it seems we are waking up to realise the blessings of emotions now. The beauty of being human is our ability to feel. It is through feeling, that we may truly heal. In body, mind, spirit and emotions – it is all connected.

When an emotion is not fully expressed, it becomes trapped, causing an energetic blockage. This blockage can sit within us and have an impact on us and our lives, even manifesting into our physical body and health. It is known that any emotions that are not fully processed, often make their way down to sit within the sacral chakra. The womb is the seat of the sacral chakra, so it is no coincidence that many women experience blockages and physical manifestations in the womb space. When we carry shame in our womb, our creative life force is stunted, leaving us without access to our full potential and our deep feminine power.

It is important to recognise that the shame we carry within our womb, is often far more than just that of our own experiences. It can be the shame of our past lovers and our family. Family shame can go back generations and lack of healing can lead to so much pain and suffering, sometimes conscious, but often it is completely unbeknown to us why we carry so much shame, or even that we do. Our human reaction to shame can be to completely shut off from feeling anything, particularly emotion – which leaves us not only unable to connect to joy but preventing healing and moving forward. It is also common for shame to manifest into low-self worth and self-loathe which can be crippling. Shame literally binds us from being our powerful, magical and true selves.

In truth, the shame that you carry is not separate from the next person. We are all more connected than we know. Making a conscious choice to look within and heal, is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our ancestors, our children, our future children and Mother Earth as a whole.

Join Josie and Felicity for this empowering and nurturing healing journey deep into your heart and womb space. Our aim through this dedicated ceremony is to enable acknowledgement and true release of the shame we carry within our womb space. The shame of our own, as well as the shame of our ancestors and the collective. You will be held with love and guided with gentleness through a beautiful journey of opening, release and forgiveness. Forgiveness and healing go hand in hand, we cannot have one without the other. The energy created when women come together in this sacred way, with great purpose of healing, is fuelled with magic beyond our understanding. The shifts will flow into all areas of your being, relationships and life.



The womb is possibly the least talked about organ, yet one of the most powerful. One which bridges heaven and earth, spirit and matter. One which connects us to our wisdom, passion and pleasure. It is our power centre. The seat of our intuition. The garden of our creativity. It is divine. It is sacred. Not only does this sacred space within us have the ability to birth new life but this magical portal can create and manifest our dreams into reality.

As women, we can carry pain, ancestral trauma, conditioning, fear, shame and guilt within our womb space for many years or even lifetimes. These blockages sit within us, suppressing our natural energy flow, our true feminine nature, our innocence, our freedom to be ourselves and shine our light out into the world. These energetic blocks can also manifest into physical pains, symptoms and ailments within the womb space.

Many ancient traditions understood and honoured the creative power that lies within the womb, yet it seems we have become disconnected from that knowledge. Today, we rarely pay much attention to our womb other than when we experience physical issues or until we come to need it. This is through no fault of our own but simply a lack of education of knowledge which has slowly dissipated through generations. However, we are being called to remember the ancient wisdom that lies within our very own body, our temple. For the womb holds the key to activate and reawaken us to our deep feminine power.

We can’t wait to see you in circle if this calls you. Our intention and mission is to guide women to walk the path of truly knowing themselves. To understand the beauty and power that lies within. To trust that they have everything they need already inside. To come back to the place in which we all came from, the womb and the womb of the Divine Mother…

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before and all those who come after her” Christiane Northrup


Josie and Felicity unite with love to offer this immersive healing day retreat. held in the most beautiful and divine space ’42 Acres’ in London. Our ceremonies comprise sacred rituals, sharing, breath, movement, sound, energy healing, light language and are always supported by the beautiful and feminine plant medicine, cacao. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine with the potential to assist in deep emotional releases and open the heart. Our offerings are fuelled by authenticity, enveloped with love and ignited by true sisterhood. The kind of sisterhood that you never want to part from, an unconditional love which you know can save the world. Surrender has never been easier in our womb-like supportive space.

Ceremonial Cacao & Sharing Circle

Sacred Rituals & Practices

Womb Cleansing Ceremony & Light Language Activations

Divine Feminine Flow Movement with Felicity

Sound Healing & Light Language with Josie

Womb Blessing

Divine Vegan Cake

Beautiful Plant Based Feast by Conscious Cook



Our offerings are suitable for ALL women at ANY stage of the journey. You may feel particularly drawn if you are called to connect deeper to your femininity, sensuality and creativity. Connecting to your womb space is one of the most powerful ways to come back to yourself. Do you want to release pain, trauma and blockages? We hold energetic imprints of suppressed emotions, trauma, painful experiences, sexual lovers and past relationships in our womb space. Any emotions that we do not process often sit within our womb space, which is located in the sacral chakra. These energetic blocks suppress our free flow, our femininity, our innocence, our pleasure and they can also manifest as physical ailments. Do you struggle with painful, irregular periods or no period at all? Do you have polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis or fibroids? Are you experiencing issues with fertility? Do you want to cultivate a deeper connection to your womb space to prepare for conscious conception? Do you feel a disconnection to your femininity and body? Do you suffer with low self worth? Do you struggle to to cultivate close relationships with female friends? ⁣

Have you experienced the loss of your physical womb? Womb work can help you come to terms with this, no matter how long ago it may have been. It is important to know that even if you do not have a physical womb, whether naturally or due to an operation, we always hold the energetic imprint of the womb within us. So you can connect to your spiritual womb space in the same way, cultivating deep healing and connection. Even when we no longer have a monthly cycle, our body is always connected to the cycles of nature.


Saturday 15th Feb 2020



42 Acres Shoreditch, 66 Leonard St, Hackney, London, EC2A 4LW



Please note, there are limited spaces in circle so advanced booking is essential if this calls you.

If you would like to pay in 2 instalments or pay directly to avoid ticket fees please contact Josie via josie@elevenhealing.com to arrange

Please note, we have a strict 7 day cancellation policy. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable unless we receive 7 days notice.

We feel so honoured to offer this important work

With love and gratitude,

Josie & Felicity






Josie is an intuitive energy healer and empath. She works closely with sound through her team of alchemy crystal bowls, instruments, tuning forks and light language channeled through her voice. Known for her compassionate nature and natural affinity with energy, she holds an authentic and nurturing space for shifts to unfold on many levels. She guides others with love to release from emotional, physical, spiritual and mental blockages through energy work and sound.

Through her own personal journey and experiences holding space for others, she has also been guided to work closely with the Divine Feminine through womb work. She holds regular retreats, ceremonies and one to one womb healing sessions for women, with the intention of bringing loving awareness to the womb space and releasing suppressed emotions, trauma and pain that are preventing joy, pleasure and love.

Josie had an intense awakening to her healing abilities in 2011 which led her on a path of self-discovery and profound transformation as she followed her calling. She launched her practice in 2014 and has devoted her life to be in healing service to divine and therefore humanity ever since. Her offerings include one to one intuitive energy healing sessions, sound healing, retreats, reiki training and womb work. Her healing work has been featured in British Vogue, i-D, Tatler, Elle and Mr Porter. Her intention is to continue spreading awareness of the power of energy healing and sound because she passionately believes these natural and divine tools are a powerful catalyst for growth and awakening and are here to be shared to help raise the consciousness of humanity.




Felicity is the founder of ookushana – Reiki School & Holistic Wellness Centre, currently based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. ookushana is a word created using affinity numerology and ancient language, with the purposeful meaning “infinite inner grace”. Felicity’s mission is to help people find this inner grace, which we all seek and deserve. Her current platform is home to many spiritual teachers and healers from around the world, who come to share their gifts with the community, as well as being her own space to share Reiki Training, 1-2-1 healings, group healings and classes.

Felicity has trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Yoga Teacher, Naturopathic Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, and Ayurvedic Yoga Masseuse, often combining many of these healing modalities to heal and guide intuitively. Felicity recognises the importance of living a whole-istic life, and facilitating our personal and spiritual journeys, therefore seeking to spread knowledge and awareness of holistic health, and how we can be our own healer.

Felicity’s personalised and subjective approach to healing allows clients to journey deep into themselves, into stored energies, emotions and thought-patterns, allowing them to surface, in order to find understanding, and subsequently heal. Releasing these blockages allows us connect to ourselves deeply and on every level, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Her compassionate and nurturing nature allows Felicity to hold space with love and without judgement for those who are brave enough to seek truth and look within. For the past few years, after seeing the healing impact of yoga and dance, Felicity has felt called to combine energy healing with movement, which led her to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. She consciously chose an immersive course which embodied the shamanic and spiritual aspects of yoga, and has created a practice which she calls “Divine Feminine Flow” – a class for women, using intuitive and intentional movement with the purpose of connecting to our divine feminine essence and thus healing. Within each class, a safe and sacred space is created using various shamanic tools to promote healing, including shamanic drumming, smudging and mantras. For the past 7 years, Felicity has helped clients, friends and family, overcome deep-rooted trauma, behaviours and ailments – her approach most different from any western medicine, allowing for a more subjective, personal relationship, and healing with love.





“I first attended womb awakening 7 weeks ago after I saw it advertised on facebook at divine timing. It was one of my first experiences at ookushana and I have since fallen in love with the space. I was initially drawn to this work as I had been diagnosed with endometriosis since a very young age and it has caused me so much pain and suffering over the years. After attending the ceremony my next bleed was completely pain free! I was in awe and extremely grateful to Felicity and Josie who have made all this possible with their true love and devotion to healing, helping me heal on energetic, physical, emotional, and even ancestral levels. I recently had the privilege of attending a second womb awakening workshop and it was a powerful reminder of how far I had come with my healing since my first ever womb awakening! Josie and Felicity’s loving, divine guidance through the ceremony is gentle enough to soothe the soul yet powerful in clearing what is ready to be purged. Felicity’s intuitive movement helped me listen to my body as we intuitively channelled and purged stagnant energies together and Josie’s angelic singing closed with absolute tranquillity. The energies in this space are so powerful as it brings together the power of true sisterhood, where love and healing is infinite. It is to be experienced to be truly understood. Thank you sisters and I can’t wait to continue to walk this journey of healing with you.” Nada – Leeds, November 2019

“I attended the Divine Feminine Awakening Ceremony in Malibu in October. Josie and Felicity facilitated a six hour journey with about twenty women. One thing that immediately stood out to me was their high level of presence and generosity throughout the ceremony: they each greeted me with a meaningful hug and welcomed me to the group. After introductions and explanation, each woman in the circle was granted space to speak. Throughout, Josie and Felicity guided the group on how to hold space for one another and engage in a way that would optimize the experience. Before the ceremony I thought that maybe the focus on the womb would attract mainly women who struggled from infertility or sustained traumas to the womb; this was not the case, and I found that the concept of the “womb” served as an elegant symbol for that which is divinely feminine. For me, personally, I realized that I have ignored the power of my womb. I call upon my heart, frequently, but why not tap into the magic of this other glorious organ? My three favourite parts of the ceremony: the cacao blessing and then drinking the cacao together as a group, receiving actual 1:1 healing from Josie and Felicity (they spoke in tongues, which was exhilarating and transformative to be the recipient of), and Josie’s culminating sound bath. Sprinkled throughout the ceremony were perfectly times songs, instruments, scents, and the sharing of personal stories by both women. I highly recommend this ceremony for any woman – at whatever stage you are in your healing or wellness journey.’ Mia, Artist – Malibu, October 2019

“After a tumultuous few years on the fertility front a friend recommend I went on Josie and Felicity’s womb awakening retreat, as she had been and felt it would help me reconnect. I had no idea what to expect, and hadn’t been to anything like it before but it genuinely blew my mind and was more than I could ever have hoped or dreamed of. Connecting with an amazing group of women, who were all there for such different reasons, the incredible breath work and Josie’s beautiful voice… it was magic and I felt like I was walking on air for days, if not the week after. It has totally helped me reconnect to my body, as well as being compassionate to myself and happier, more content in general. I cannot recommend it enough for any woman that needs a little self care, or help reconnecting to themselves. Thank you ladies for the most fantastic day. I will never forget it.” Georgina Hayden, Food Writer – London, September 2019

“I wanted to message to say how magical the Womb Awakening has turned out to be. I was walking around a few days afterwards and felt different but wasn’t sure what it was… So I did a bit of body scanning and realised Id had a real release of tension in my lower abdomen. I also had not one but two lovely dates in the following weeks – mainly because I felt so positive, flirty and really in my power. I feel like someone’s lit a match within me and my heart is open in a way that feels fearless.” July 2019

“WOW! Yesterday I got the absolute honour and pleasure of attending an incredible workshop called womb awakening. The space that Josie and Felicity created was so special, it felt safe and nurturing. They are two very walm and welcoming souls. The sharing circle was powerful and deep, it’s so healing to witness sisters sharing so deeply and being given that space to also share from the heart. Allowing wounds to surface and release. I found the feminine flow very powerful too, I went so deep with the cacao and movement and then wow the sound healing sent me to the cosmos. I definitely floated out of the venue hehe. I’ve woken up today feeling like a new women. I feel light, so happy, creative, inspired. I just feel this work is so so important and I want every women to experience it. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the experience yesterday. It was exactly what my soul needed and more. Thank you for doing this work!” Sian Mason, April 2019

“Wow I can’t thank you beautiful sisters enough, feeling so blessed to have been a part of something so special on Sunday. There is so much healing in women coming together sharing and supporting each other through openness and vulnerability for which you held the space perfectly! Aside from the cacao being so delicious, Felicity your flow and intuitive movement really helped me to let go and connect to the divine feminine within & Josie your voice is so angelic combined with the crystal bowls and you’re in heaven! True healing took place and I left feeling like a new women” Rachael Kelly, April 2019

“It’s hard to find the words to express how life changing this weekend was…I’m not sure there are amazing enough words!! My whole sense of self as a woman has changed (I actually feel my femininity for the first time ever). The way we all came together so effortlessly and flowed, it was beyond magic and I’m still integrating it all. When I got home my friend had left me a little rose bush on my step as a thank you for helping her out…I cried at the gift and loved the synchronicity! I keep smiling about the whole experience and the beautiful souls who connected, I’ve never felt sisterhood before and I’m so very grateful to you for creating such magic, you’re both incredible!! Love you sisters” March 2019

“I’ve known Josie for many years, and having only just met Felicity it’s incredible to see such a strong bond between these beautiful women and the healing work that they do together. I felt so safe, loved and supported in their presence and they nurtured sharing circles that immediately became a space for us all to share our stories. Many were personal, emotional, and all very inspiring. There were moments of complete emotional openness when it came to letting go, and times of pure love and elation during the healings. The setting of retreat itself was beautiful, literally a breath of fresh air in the open countryside and the spa was an essential touch. I felt incredibly nourished especially with Kemp Kitchen’s amazing food, what a treat. The weekend was very pivotal for me, having been pulled in many directions lately this was one that I welcomed with open arms. I felt like I faced a few fears that weekend, and the work we did has given me strength to make some important positive changes in my life and wow I feel amazing. I met so many incredible women and I believe that many of us will all remain friends after sharing something so special. I’m so proud of Josie and Felicity, thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us we are so lucky to have you. The world is a better place with you! This is just the beginning I’m sure, and rest assured I’ll be with you all the way. All my love.” Anna, March 2019

“Josie & Felicity, Just a quick message to say that something pretty awesome has happened. Since the Womb Awakening my cycle has become exactly in sync with the moon. The first day of my release is now always on the Full Moon. I’ve never really had issues with my periods but i think it’s pretty rad that they’re now so aligned with Mama Moon. I can really pay attention to my emotions & gauge exactly where I am in the month. It helps me realise my emotions, feelings, mood & behaviour is valid & exactly as it should be – rather than just being “hormonal” Love & Light.” Clare, London, Feb 2019

“Felicity & Josie, Two beautiful beings, your work and the gift you bring, holding space is so needed and so important. During your circles I have never found a love like it from all my experiences. A love so gentle and powerful in the arms of my sisters has birthed a dragon in me I never knew could rise inside my tired body. My heart is full of gratitude for those supporting me in the sacred mission of reclaiming the feminine and coming home to the divine temple of my womb and all the wisdom it holds. The great gift you both have given has allowed me the permission to feel, to face and embrace my shadow and move towards the gentle fire, to feel its intensity and surrender and trust all is well…Om Tat Sat… You have granted me a gift that I will forever be both humbled and grateful for. A healing that I will honour and continuer to uphold and traverse deeply. Sisters thank you, thank you, thank you, from the depths of my womb and my heart” Sian – Leeds, Dec 2018

“I have felt so so open since last Friday. I felt quite a big shift during the full moon ritual I was doing myself, however, I think that the womb ceremony allowed me to surrender deeper. This is the first time I have felt anywhere close to feeling my divine feminine energy and it has made me feel powerful and connected all week, truly. My relationship with my other half broke through some massive boundaries that I have been avoiding for a long time which is so so fantastic. I found my love and empathy for others really glowing and speaking my truth in places I would usually swallow my tongue was another reward I reaped. I left feeling so so inspired and it’s still absolutely bouncing out of my skin! Also I miraculously haven’t drunk a single cup of coffee since the ceremony! From 3 a day to none – incredible! No cravings! THANK YOU SO MUCH.” October 2018

“Last night my mind was blown away by attending the womb awakening held by two amazing healers Eleven Healing and ookushana it was moving to my core. It shifted energy that I have known about for years and just kept buried deep. It was magical and I will never forget it. Truly recommend for absolutely anyone.” Harika, October 2018

“Such a magical night for the Womb Awakening. Thank you Eleven Healing and ookushana for creating such a beautiful and important event! I can not believe how much change has happened since the last event. I am finally getting to know my soul, and I feel free.  All the wonderful women that were there and shared their stories, you inspired me so much.” Emily, October 2018

“Still feeling full of inspiration and gratitude from last Friday. Thanks so much to Eleven Healing and ookushana for creating such a warm, welcoming and safe space that allowed so many people to open up the way they did. There is absolutely nothing but positivity to take away from others who open their heart to you.” Natalie, September 2019

“The evening was pretty life changing for me and part of something much bigger. Connecting with a group of beautiful like minded souls was incredible. Every female should do something like this.” Emily, September 2018

“Last night was amazing. I’ve tried to put into words how totally humbled by the strength and power of the women in that room last night. Josie and Felicity held the space so beautifully and it was really an evening of opening, surrendering, receiving and letting go. I felt truly nurtured and held. I was blown away by what can happen when a group of individuals come together to share and be vulnerable. Truly grateful for the experience that was last night.” Melody, September 2018

“I was one of the attendees at the event last night. I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. I have never done any sound healing or energy work before and I was overwhelmed by how incredible, transformative and powerful it was. Today I am feeling very light and tingly (in a good way). I also had a lot of tightness in my hips and inner hamstrings which has disappeared, which is something I couldn’t achieve even with lots of yoga and stretching. I have been able to feel ‘energy’ in my body for a while now, but never really thought much of it until last night when I felt it on a whole new level.” Jessica, July 2018

“Such a beautiful event, I still feel connected to the energy we created there. Safe and held are definitely the words to describe such a gentle yet intense event. Still working through the energy shifts even now. Thank you” Sian, July 2018

“Still feeling the love. So powerful.” Laura, July 2018

“Thank you so much for such a lovely time on Thursday. I wasn’t really sure what to expect so I was surprised at how moved the experience made me. The following day, and even now, I’m catching myself walking around with my hand on my womb, probably a bit of an odd thing to do in the office! There was a few things that I was too shy to say to the circle and I was really touched by how honest the other women were and how strong they were for sharing their experiences. I’ve since found myself kind of working through these feelings of guilt/disgust, which actually feels good. The sound ceremony was absolutely divine and a real journey. At one moment I’d feel completely relaxed and floaty and be seeing stars flying past me in space. The next, I’d feel really energetic and be picturing myself running up massive stairs and jumping around. .. I usually suck at meditation and can’t stop thinking about needing to pee or that I’d forgotten to get something at Tesco, so this was definitely very enjoyable.” Orla, September 2018

“I had very recently been told that it was very unlikely that I would be able to conceive… and I get married next week, so I was a bit all over the place. I was carrying a lot of guilt around this and holding on to a lot of negative emotion. Although I am still finding the situation difficult, I have been able to let go of those feelings of guilt. The ceremony was completely new to me and it was such a special experience, it was amazing to connect to the other women in the group and take time for myself and my own healing. The combination of reiki and sound was really powerful.” Zoe, August 2018

“My first experience with the womb awakening evening with Felicity and Josie was truly above and beyond what I expected. I went there hoping to reconnect with that feminine energy, and bring back some kindness to a space that I had previously disrespected, endlessly using the contraceptive pill for months on end without break to avoid that dreaded period, I spent years wishing away and trying to avoid my cycle each month. Previous to the event I’d come off the pill (I’d been on for 15 years) in August 2017 and although I’m not trying to fall pregnant now I wanted a more natural approach to contraception as well as wanting to get rid of any accumulated effects from being on hormones for that long. From Aug-June I probably had 2 episodes of very light bleeding on one day each but nothing resembling a proper period but I wasn’t concerned too much as I knew it might take a year or more for them to return to “normal”. During the event I felt so much gratitude and softness, and I could tell the women there all held space for each other so gently and supportively. The days following I had the worst cramps (I say worst, when I was having periods I luckily never suffered from cramps so they probably weren’t that bad!) that I took my hot water bottle with me in the ridiculous heat of summer we had, and the second day after the awakening I had three days of proper bleeding and have been regular ever since. I feel like a blockage or stuck energy was moved that evening and replaced by love and gratitude and has put me on a path to cultivating a more kind and loving connection to my womb space and I can’t thank Felicity, Josie and all the other women enough for that. I’d recommend anyone to go and I’m already hooked and will be going to the next one!” Sian, August 2018

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