Tobias Mayer: CSM: The Why of Scrum - 42 Acres

Tobias Mayer: CSM: The Why of Scrum

Tue 3rd September 2019 —
10.00 TO 17.00

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A fully immersive, dialog-centric, somatic experience

“Enlightening and amusing. Tobias’s Scrum training was one of the best seminars I’ve ever taken—and I do Executive Training frequently with the brightest minds on the planet. I only wish I would have taken it years before!” — Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO, Tango/04


This Certified Scrum Master (CSM) workshop is centered on the belief that Scrum is a radically different way of working, and not some kind of superficial reframe of work-as-usual. Focusing on the principles beneath the framework and process, reaching into your own personal value system to draw out meaning, this workshop will have you challenge how you show up for work, and what you believe it means to “do Scrum”.

The learning emerges from the shared experience of all in the room. This is not expert-led—indeed the idea of expertise in Scrum is itself challenged. Participants are invited to bring their own experience to bear on the learning, and to express their expectations, desires and frustrations. Ultimately, what you learn here will emerge from your heart, and take form in the practice you apply back in the workplace.


The Scrum framework will be explored, not as a What but as a Why. Relationships between the Scrum roles will be revealed, showing the vitality of “individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. The Scrum values of focus, respect, openness, commitment and courage will be unpacked to understand how these values can actually be lived, rather than being mere words to which we pay lip-service. The underlying, unmentioned guiding principles of alignment, attention and ritual will be revealed, showing how such principles must underpin any effective Scrum implementation.

Workshop Form

This CSM does not rely on powerpoint or lecture, rather it utilises pedagogical techniques widely known to create a deeper, and longer-lasting learning, one that each participant can take ownership of and develop in his or her own way. These techniques include team interaction, socratic dialog, improvisation, theatre games, and exploration through metaphor.

Scrum is taught holistically, with each iteration delving deeper into the framework. There are no powerpoint slides, and little lecture; the focus is on learning through action, activity, and conversation, allowing the new ideas to take root, and have the potential to grow within each participant’s context. Scrum is not a formula to be memorised, but rather a journey to undertake.

You will not sit still for long, and you’ll not be fed information. You are expected to show up with an open mind and an open heart, and to bring your own experiences to share with others.

Tobias taught my Scrum Master course back in 2009 and how he did it was excellent—a master class in learning by doing. Without doubt the best trainer I’ve come across. — Rob Curtis, Curtis Consulting, Finland

Pricing Model

This Certified Scrum Master (CSM) workshop is specifically designed to attract aspiring and/or practicing scrum masters who are paying for themselves, and offers reduced prices for those with cash flow issues. The workshop is offered by the facilitator directly, no agent or third party is involved. It takes place in a low-cost, non-corporate venue, and lunch is not included in the cost. Registration price is based on a sliding scale—and relies on an honour system.

Important Notice

This workshop is designed for 6-12 people. It will not be an effective learning experience with less than six people, therefore the organiser reserves the right to postpone the workshop if the required minimum of six is not reached seven days before the start date. Participants unable to attend on the new date will be offered a full refund, or the opportunity to move their registration to a future workshop.

** 42 ACRES is currently unable to offer disabled access and apologise for any inconvenience caused **

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