The Resilient Woman's Leadership Retreat - 42 Acres

The Resilient Woman’s Leadership Retreat

Thu 16th April 2020 —
10.00 TO 16.00

£ 130.84

The aim of this session is to give you breathing space to reflect on your own areas of resilience and learn skills to bounce back, avoid burnout and lead from a place of happiness, confidence and wellbeing.

This taster session will give you:

  • Greater self-awareness and skills to enhance resilience
  • A plan to integrate happiness, confidence and wellbeing in all aspects of life and leadership with clear success outcomes
  • A framework for developing emotional intelligence as a leader – 90% of high performing leaders have greater emotional intelligence
  • Connection with other women in leadership – whether you are leading a home, team or organisation – we believe that we can learn from all experiences and expertise!
  • Renewed energy, creativity and enthusiasm
  • A framework for creating a climate of high performance and emotional intelligence
  • An insight into The Resilient Woman’s Leadership 5 day leadership retreat

The day will incorporate:

  • Welcome – Connecting with Others
  • What do we mean by ‘Sustainable Resilience’
  • Yoga / Breathing
  • Your Personal Resilience
  • Delicious nutritious lunch and connection with others
  • Purposeful Direction – the way forward
  • Understanding how I can THRIVE and RECOVER

The Resilient Woman’s Leadership Retreat is rooted in the belief that every woman has the power within to be resilient and fulfil their potential. We have coined the phrase ‘sustainable resilience’ as we believe that over-achieving eventually has an impact on performance, health, confidence and wellbeing.

Transformation will only happen when we start to do things differently and really define what resilience means to us!

The retreat, developed by Amanda Wildman, who after extensive years creating global leadership programmes, found that there was a need for a very different woman in leadership journey. A journey that developed leaders, to engage with their inner resilience and own their power and remain focused. Successful women in leadership are strong and able to resolve conflict, connect with others, build trust, create a vision and engage at an emotional level. The impact of this is that they are great role models and empower others to achieve high performance. Ultimately, they build thriving teams and impact business results.

The aim of the retreat is to take women on a very personal journey that will enable change in skills and attitudes that are relevant, purposeful, and transformational in today’s corporate world. We believe that women who take a holistic approach to their leadership feel great about themselves and as a result have greater self-awareness, connect with others more authentically, are excellent communicators and adapt their behaviour. They are strong and adept at dealing with stress and the continual demands on leaders today.

Leaders that attend the retreat will explore each of the 16 dimensions of Emotional Intelligence. Our belief is that a woman in leadership needs to focus on physical, mental and emotional health in order to be confident, happy and truly high performing. The retreat is therefore underpinned by a foundation of physical and nutritional wellbeing with daily yoga practice, mindfulness meditation, and nutritious meals.


Amanda Wildman

Amanda Wildman set up Emotionally-i-Fit after a successful career as Head of Leadership & Talent at the BBC, Learning & Development Director at Cielo Talent Management for 5 years, and Global Head of Learning & Development at Morgan McKinley.

Her own high levels of emotional fitness have come about through challenges she has overcome in her life and career that took her on a path of self-awareness and discovery. She learnt through experience to manage her own emotional state, which in turn has given her far more fulfilling and harmonious relationships both personally and professionally. She uses many of these techniques in her work today and they have greatly influenced her vision and design of The Resilient Woman’s Leadership Retreat. Amanda is an ICF Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner, MBTI and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

She is qualified to assess and deliver feedback on a range of personality, emotional intelligence and 360° assessment tools. Her journey has led her to explore many resilience building techniques such as nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, running and yoga. These have enabled her to create a balanced and blended life as mother, wife and woman in leadership.

Amanda has a network of like-minded experts that bring their own knowledge to the retreat.

This is a standalone taster session – that provides space to explore your own levels of resilience as a leader and reflect on the transformation that you want for yourself and others. If you then decide to book yourself onto the 5 day retreat in Somerset we deduct the cost of the session from the final retreat cost. If you would like to receive an overview of the retreat please email

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