Tackling Modern Slavery: Raising Awareness & Supporting Survivors - 42 Acres

Tackling Modern Slavery: Raising Awareness & Supporting Survivors

Fri 22nd September 2017 —
7.00PM TO 9.30PM

Healthy Indian chef Mira Manek and inspirational yoga teacher Leila Sadeghee have joined up with Women for Change, an initiative that seeks to bring together leaders who want to make a positive social impact, to shine a light on a pressing and little-understood issue – Modern Slavery in the UK.

In addition to inviting you to participate in a yoga class with Leila and enjoy some home-made chai-bitings by Mira, we ask you to join a panel of dedicated expert women tackling modern slavery right here in the UK, followed by a brief Q&A session exploring how you can make a difference.

Arrival from 7.15pm

Departure 9.30pm

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery has been described the great human rights issue of our time, yet so little is known about this hidden crime. In the UK alone, around 13,000 people are estimated to be trapped in various forms of exploitation. Would you know how to spot the signs of modern slavery? Or how to support someone you suspect is a victim?

Join us, learn the facts, and offer your presence in support of tackling this practice that denigrates our very dignity as humans. All of the proceeds from this event will go to The Sophie Hayes Foundation, dedicated to ending this practice and supporting survivors. Even if you cannot attend, please consider making a donation here.


Sian Lea (chair), Senior Programme Manager, Shiva Foundation

Sian joined Shiva Foundation in 2016 to manage the organisation’s portfolio of anti-trafficking projects. Sian brings experience managing humanitarian education projects with the British Red Cross and working on capacity building and access-to-justice projects with Legal Support for Children and Women, a local anti-trafficking NGO in Cambodia. She originally moved from Canada to London to obtain a MA in Human Rights from UCL and a Graduate Diploma in Law. Over the years she has provided research and communications support to various human rights organisations, such as Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX), the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU), and RightsInfo.

Tamara Barnett, Project Leader, Human Trafficking Foundation

Tamara runs the Foundation’s London Project, which supports pan-London working and provides a free service to support statutory authorities in the Capital to fulfil their new duties around human trafficking and better support victims. She also heads the Foundation’s European Parliamentary Project, working with European Parliaments on cross-border cooperation and creating structures to tackle modern slavery. Tamara has previously worked in both Government and NGO sectors, and has lobbied extensively for better policing around sex work and improving the response to human trafficking.

Naomi Telfer, Charity Lead, The Sophie Hayes Foundation

Naomi Telfer leads the Sophie Hayes foundation, a London based charity with the purpose of empowering survivors of trafficking to build hope-filled futures primarily through their Day 46 Programme, which combines workshops and coaching with partnerships with businesses, training organisations and colleges to provide placements, mentoring, training and volunteering experiences that enable survivors to grow new skills and build independent lives. Starting her career in business and still working part-time as a consultant, Naomi is particularly passionate about the opportunity that business leaders have to make a significant difference to the challenge of modern day slavery and other social justice issues.

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