Sacred Presence with Pause Place Founder Katie Abbott - 42 Acres

Sacred Presence with Pause Place Founder Katie Abbott

Thu 26th April 2018 —
19.00 TO 21.00

Pause Place presents an evening with Founder, Katie Abbott

♥️ SACRED PRESENCE ♥️ at 42 ACRES in Shoredtch on Thursday 26th April 2018 at 7pm

This will be an evening to explore the simplicity and sacredness of presence. Together we will deepen into our spiritual nature and discover the truth that speaks from deep within.

If you are curious about the power of being and how it can have a profound impact in every area of our lives, come and join us. Presence is the essence of connection and it is through a deeper connection with ourselves and others that our lives can be nourished and transformed.

Due to Katie’s commitment to private clients and her work with Pause Place, Katie does not often run public events. This is a special opportunity to enjoy the healing nature of 42 ACRES in the loving, open embrace of sacred presence.

This evening event will run from 7-9pm. There will be warm tea, cozy places to rest and be, calm, quiet, honest sharing, poetry and the mystery and beauty of the presence between us.

Arrivals: 7pm

Tickets: £29.39

Katie has offered a 50% discount to 42 ACRES co-working community. Please email

More About Katie

Katie’s teaching explores the power of love and oneness. She founded Pause Place in 2016, the first Certified Coach Training programme dedicated to the strength of Love, Presence and Connection. She has worked as a Therapist and Coach from 1 Harley St since 2008, supporting people to nurture both their human and spiritual nature. She runs retreats in Italy and India and gives regular talks for Soho and Shoreditch House in London.


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