Resurgence Talk | Richard Dunne - 42 Acres

Resurgence Talk | Richard Dunne

Wed 29th July 2020 —
18.00 TO 22.00

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How can Nature’s principles of Harmony guide and inform a new way of learning to live?

Richard Dunne is the educational lead for the Harmony Project, which is promoting a new way of looking at and learning about the world guided by Nature’s principles of Harmony. The work of Harmony is being developed and applied in education, health and business. It aims to help people to see and understand the world from a different perspective and to develop sustainable practices that replicate the way Nature’s principles of Harmony work. The website is


An exciting new series of Resurgence events in London in association with 42 Acres Shoreditch. The monthly programme, inspired by the ideas of Resurgence covers a range of issues including the environment, arts, meditation and ethical living. All welcome.

Talks begin at 19:30 at 42 Acres, 66 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LW London. Unfortunately, the event space is not disability friendly: the talks will be held on the second floor, but there is no lift.

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