Relight Your Fire: Find Your Purpose & Passion in 2019 - 42 Acres

Relight Your Fire: Find Your Purpose & Passion in 2019

Tue 15th January 2019 —
7.30PM TO 9.30PM

Has your soul gone to sleep at work? Does the light inside you switch off as soon as you turn your computer on? Do you long to feel more excited, energised and alive in your work and in your life? Would you like to relight your fire and find your passion and purpose in 2019?

If so, start the year with positivity and a plan by coming along to this evening workshop.

I know how it feels to be soul dead at work. I know how it feels to dread arriving at the office. I know how it feels to yearn for something more but to be gripped by fear, procrastination and self-doubt. And I know how it feels to walk through my fears and to transform.

I was once a political journalist for the global news agency Reuters. I had an amazing job – reporting on politics from the Houses of Parliament and travelling around the world with the prime minister. But I felt empty inside. I knew there was something more. Sadly, I didn’t get out in time. I hit a wall. I burnt out, broke down and sank into depression. Eventually, I hauled myself out and started again. I changed my career and my life. There have been bumps in the road and I’ve experienced fear and anxiety – of course I have – but I wouldn’t change my journey for the world. I now write, coach and speak from the heart, using my experience to benefit others. I also live by the sea and am getting married in June after years of singleness and dysfunctional relationships.

In this workshop, I’ll share the steps and tools I used to transform myself and my career. We’ll explore how to identify a positive vision for our lives, how to overcome fear, self-doubt and procrastination, how to stay on track even when times are tough and how to get the support we need to achieve our dreams.

You can expect a safe and healing space, authenticity, vulnerability, encouragement and inspiration.

I hope to see you there.

Let’s shine in 2019.


Practitioner Summary:

Katherine Baldwin is a motivational speaker, transformational coach and inspirational writer who is passionate about using her experiences of pain and healing to help others to love themselves, love their lives and find love.

Katherine is the author of How to Fall in Love – A 10-Step Journey to the Heart. She leads How to Fall in Love workshops and retreats in the UK and abroad, helping men and women to strengthen their relationship with themselves, build their self-esteem, understand their blocks to love, change self-defeating relationship behaviours, let go of lost loves, set healthy and loving boundaries and make bold, intuitive choices so that they can form a loving and long-lasting relationship with an emotionally healthy partner.

She also offers one-to-one coaching and mid-life mentoring, for anyone who wants to change their life or career. And she mentors people around mindful eating and letting go of unhealthy crutches, drawing on her own experience of recovering from compulsive overeating and alcohol abuse.

Katherine writes frequently about the falling in love process and her own journey to wellbeing, fulfilment and love in the national media. Her work has been published in Red, Psychologies, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post and on London’s popular women’s website, We Are The City. She has been interviewed on TV and radio, including on Newsnight, BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4, and has spoken on panels at the Women of the World Festival and on the Inspire’d Stage in London. Katherine runs a free Facebook community for women called Being Real, Becoming Whole. She lives on the Dorset coast with her fiancé.


Additional Info:

Please bring a notebook and pen or pencil.

Refunds are available up to 30 days before the event. After that date, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend but we cannot refund tickets.

Date: Tuesday 15th January 2019
Time: Arrive from 7pm for a prompt 7.30pm start
Place: 42 ACRES Shoreditch, 66 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4LW***

Tickets: £20

***We are sorry that 42 ACRES is currently unable to offer disabled access and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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