Reframe, Realign and Restore - 42 Acres

Reframe, Realign and Restore

Wed 1st April 2020 —
19.00 TO 20.30


Come gather with us as during this unusual time as we Reframe, Realign and Restore.

42 Acres is now offering an online space for you to come as you are and give a voice to what is rising within you.

Facilitated by Pati & Skyla you will be held in grace as you are witnessed for your experience and at the same time offered no solution. There is no one size fits all five step plan to guide you at this time and it is in meeting that truth that we can fall into how we individually and collectively feel best to respond.

Pati & Skyla will facilitate the sharing and acknowledge anything offered as a gift to the whole group, wisdom shared and medicine received.

It is in coming together that we can experience a deeper sense of love and responsibility in a space where all is welcomed and supported in the witnessing of each other; it is sometimes all we need to be heard and seen.

The password is ‘restore’.

About the facilitators: Pati is a Self Esteem and confidence coach who works with a positive mindset, Skyla works with clients on their voice and the stories they tell through self inquiry and deep listening. Together they are offering to create a space for the 42 community to come together and be with their experience as it is.

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