Own Your Career - Workshop: What's stopping you from progressing? - 42 Acres

Own Your Career – Workshop: What’s stopping you from progressing?

Wed 4th December 2019 —
18.30 TO 22.30


Explore the beliefs that hold you back from career progress. This workshop teaches you how to tackle these beliefs and take ownership!

A career should be designed around Growth, Meaning and Autonomy. Yet, a majority of people don’t experience this at all and don’t know how to change this. So where do we go with this? Our friends don’t understand, our spouses prefer not to talk about work and our mums.. well let’s say they have the best intentions.

Why come:

This event is for young professionals who feel stuck in a corporate job.

During this workshop we will help you get clear on:

– What is holding you back

– The underlying mechanisms

– What you can do to change your situation

Besides that you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will understand you.

What we’ll be doing:

This workshop will use all different kinds of routes to insight.

First we will get clear on the problems you experience and feel listened to.

From there we explore your Self Limiting beliefs and get an understanding of your Inner critic.

We will finish with a useful technique that you can apply on the spot to take back control.


This workshop will take place at 42 Acres Shoreditch – one of the greatest event spaces in London!


At the Nomad Academy we are all about intense experiences, whether that’s in Latin America, Asia or here in London. Which means that you should only come if you are truly up for this challenge and are willing to take ownership of your career.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out directly to Steven – Steven@nomad.academy

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