Jeremy Roske Concert - 42 Acres

Jeremy Roske Concert

Sat 12th October 2019 —
19.00 TO 21.00

As per listing

Jeremy Roske – Heartsongs – Music of change

About this Event

Join Jeremy for an intimate evening of live music that opens the heart, expands the mind & connects souls. Featuring songs from his recently released EP “Seed” and his new upcoming album “Momentum”. The music reflects the ever-changing landscape of the human experience.

Jeremy’s evolving musical style weaves together conscious lyrics and soulful melodies drawing inspiration from folk, rock, reggae, hip-hop, kirtan, and world fusion.

Jeremy Roske is a multi-talented performing artist, singer/songwriter, sound healer, Clarity Breathwork facilitator, and SomaSource® practitioner. Born into a family of change-makers and social pioneers, Jeremy’s parents have been at the forefront of whole systems transformation for the past 50 years. Passionate about building a co-creative culture rooted in unity and love they co-founded Hummingbird Community in New Mexico in 1996.

Jeremy traveled to Auroville, India, with his family for the first time when he was twelve. Inspired by its aim and ideals, Jeremy has remained strongly connected with Auroville for the past twenty-eight years. During this time he studied Carnatic music, discovering the power of toning, mantra, and nada yoga (yoga of sound vibration).

Jeremy’s life was significantly impacted by a near-death experience getting hit by lightning at the age of 16 while on tour with the Earth Guardians. The event gave him a glimpse into the unseen world realizing our interconnectedness and a taste of our true potential.

Jeremy is devoted to empowered pathways of transformation, self-realization, and expression. He has traveled the world for the last two decades leading workshops and sharing his heart-opening music.

Jeremy Roske

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