Resurgence Talk | Julia Hobsbawm OBE - 42 Acres

Resurgence Talk | Julia Hobsbawm OBE

Wed 28th October 2020 —
18.00 TO 22.00

£12 + VAT


Julia Hobsbawm OBE is an acclaimed entrepreneur and author who put the concept of Social Health – connected behaviour as a form of wellbeing and productivity – onto the map. She has addressed global audiences on the subject from major corporations in the UK, US, Europe and Asia to institutions from the OECD, to talking directly to the World Health Organisation about changing their definition of health to accommodate Social Health. She is a columnist for Strategy + Business magazine, editor-at-large for Arianna Huffington’s wellbeing portal Thrive Global and a contributor to The British Academy’s Future of the Corporation project.


An exciting new series of Resurgence events in London in association with 42 Acres Shoreditch. The monthly programme, inspired by the ideas of Resurgence covers a range of issues including the environment, arts, meditation and ethical living. All welcome.

Talks begin at 19:30 at 42 Acres, 66 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LW London. Unfortunately, the event space is not disability friendly: the talks will be held on the second floor, but there is no lift.

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