Are you passionate about creating experiences that are empathic with the needs of service users? Then be curious and dive deeper into user researcher by joining us on this workshop.

This unique workshop provides participants with fresh perspectives on user research. User research covers a huge range of methods from one-to-one interviews with customers/clients/stakeholders to large-scale usability studies. It places service users at the heart of services and impact design decisions, organisational design and measures for success.

This advanced research workshop will equip you with innovative ways of thinking about your practice and enhance your knowledge of how different methods, tools and mental models can support you in:

  • the art of communication

  • the art of storytelling

  • inviting and working with empathy

  • authenticity in practice

Venue 42 Acres Shoreditch, 66 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LW

Date and time Friday 20th March, 2020. 9am for a 9.30am start, finishing at 4pm.

As a participant by end of this workshop, you will have explored:

-What research is

-What draws you to research

-Your storytelling style

-What creativity can look like for you

-Your own research framework

-Listening and empathy

We will start with some self-reflection and then do a few communication-based exercises. We’ll look at the concept of research, apply creative approaches to journey mapping. Walking through the landscape of research methodologies and tools will remind us what seems familiar and what seems new. We’ll sketch out what typically happens across the lifecycle of a research project and relate that what you do and what you are working on. This will lay a foundation for developing and designing your unique research framework which you can confidently and practically use.

Workshop pre-reading I will share up to two hours of video and reading in advance of the class. This will help you prepare.

Cost £100 plus VAT