Coworking Open Day - 42 Acres
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Coworking Open Day

Fri 3rd August 2018 —
10.00 TO 17.00

Join us at 42 ACRES Shoreditch for our third summer coworking open day, where we invite you to find a way of working that feels more aligned with the way you want to be living.

The day will be flexible so you can discover your own flow in interacting with the coworking space and our community, though we’d love to welcome you to join in with our communal lunch session, with details to follow.

We’re also really interested in hearing about your projects to see if there’s a way we can support you.


The conscious coworking philosophy is founded on the idea of being the change you wish to see. Collectively, we and our coworking members focus our energy on encouraging a more intentional global community and healthier world, and our space supports us in this mission by re-imagining what a work environment can be.

Designed to inspire a sense of openness, tranquility and creativity, our London coworking home is a sanctuary in the city. A nature-infused space that invites social entrepreneurs, creatives and pioneers to explore a new way of working, and at the same time fosters a cultural climate for individual and communal growth.

We’d love to see you flourish in the direction of your purpose by connecting with others who are aligned in vision and values, sharing skills and knowledge with a diverse range of people, across a variety of industries that operate in harmony with each other, and so creating a network of support that directly impacts your productivity.


  • “42 ACRES is a haven of calm and tranquility in London and the dream place to work on so many levels; the inspiring mix of co-workers and 42 team, the beautiful space, the desk props, weekly sessions with talented practitioners and the best tea selection. Literally what more could you want?”Jess Abis, Founder of 100% Natural
  • “42 ACRES is like co-working in a day spa. Every time I come in they have a new way to make my life better: yoga classes, standing desks, home made soup!” Ronan Harrington, Founder of Alter-Ego
  • “Becoming part of the 42 ACRES co-working community has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, both on a personal and professional level. Being here has given my business a beautiful and supportive home from which to flourish. ” Helen Morris, Founder of Samsara Communications

We’re a community of pioneering organisations and individuals like Perspectiva, The Alternative UK, The British Pilgrimage Trust, Aeon, Alter-Ego, Resurgence & EcologistMagazine, Leo Cosendai, Robyn Silverton, The Bridge Retreat, and the Sustainable Food Trust. And we’d love you to become a part of it.

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