Breath Of Being Journey - 42 Acres

Breath Of Being Journey

Sun 13th October 2019 —
15.00 TO 18.00

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A journey of Breath and Sound with Jeremy & Melanie. Connect with your essence through movement, meditation, breath-work, and sound healing.

About this Event

A journey of Breath and Sound with Jeremy and Melanie Roske

Connect with your essence through movement, meditation, breath-work, and sound healing. We begin with movement and somatic practices that ground your body and connect you with your present moment experience.

Next, let guided meditation, sound activation, toning, and group processes open and awaken stuck and dormant energy and begin to stir up what is alive and active in your heart. Finally, go for your BREATH… enter into a sacred and safe space to breathe into your BEING. Expand and access an altered state of awareness where deep healing and insights can occur.

Elements of the Journey:


Breathwork is a powerful practice that uses conscious connected breathing for mindfulness, wellbeing, and transformation. Through connected breathing, the body is charged with oxygen and energy which activates its capacity to heal and access a state of flow and balance.


We will dive into different bija (seed) mantras, discovering their hidden secrets. Through gentle toning, we explore how these sounds can be used for healing, happiness, and expression.


● Reduce stress and increase energy

● Release toxins and stagnant energy from the cells of the body

● Connect with your authentic self and inner guidance

● Enhance creativity, joy, & willpower

● Transform trapped emotions into acceptance, forgiveness & love


Jeremy Roske is a multi-talented performing artist, singer/songwriter, sound healer, Clarity Breathwork facilitator, and SomaSource® practitioner. Born into a family of change-makers and social pioneers, Jeremy’s parents have been at the forefront of whole systems transformation for the past 50 years. Passionate about building a co-creative culture rooted in unity and love they co-founded Hummingbird Community in New Mexico in 1996. Jeremy traveled to Auroville, India, with his family for the first time when he was twelve. Inspired by its aim and ideals, Jeremy has remained strongly connected with Auroville for the past twenty-eight years. During this time he studied Carnatic music, discovering the power of toning, mantra, and nada yoga (yoga of sound vibration).

Jeremy’s life was significantly impacted by a near-death experience getting hit by lightning at the age of 16 while on tour with the Earth Guardians. The event gave him a glimpse into the unseen world realizing our interconnectedness and a taste of our true potential. Jeremy is devoted to empowered pathways of transformation, self-realization, and expression. He has traveled the world for the last two decades leading workshops and sharing his heart-opening music.

Melanie Roske draws upon her experience as a holistic wellness coach, Clarity breathwork practitioner, reiki master, meditation guide, and sound healer. As a vessel of pure love and a source of energetic nurturing, she supports her clients to manifest their dreams by making a shift in consciousness returning to wholeness, love, and gratitude.

Melanie’s beautiful heritage blend of Chinese and Kiwi roots gives her a very sophisticated view of the world as well as insight into many cultures. She is both sensitive to mystical energies and hyper-focused on the equally powerful ways of the physical realm. As a successful entrepreneur, Melanie founded the thriving Red Cactus Asia, a multi-media production company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. She also co-founded sharing nourishing life-affirming content supporting people to live in passion and purpose. Melanie creates a safe space of love and acceptance where people can experience their truth and tune into their natural intelligence for self-healing and transformation.


“Breath of Being brought light to those aspects of myself that I had hidden so deep within me when I was a child that I didn’t even know where there. After my session I felt as though a huge rock had been removed from my body and I felt lighter, very joyous and in my light. It’s amazing how this breath-work can truly create an impact in one’s life and change your life forever!” – Tatiana Bellavita

“I felt like I had been cleansed from the inside – that every single one of my organs had been gently scrubbed; my heart has never felt so full with love and light. The effects have continued and I look forward to my next session. I highly recommend Breath of Being for anyone who is looking to heal, grow and connect spiritually. Gifts and miracles await in abundance.” – Sara Malakul

“What took place for me was a euphoric trance in which my mentality completely changed. I was under a lot of stress and felt like my problems in life were too much to handle. Through the breathwork and wonderful guidance I was able to turn that thought process around and see “silver linings” in all the obstacles I was facing. The euphoric state which I felt, was as if I had the same high as THC but it was done through only focused breathing. It was beautiful and changed me for the better. I came out of it astonished that these practices are not more widespread and would recommend it to anyone, no matter the condition.” – Mike Lewis


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