Beautiful Space - 42 Acres

Beautiful Space

Sun 23rd September 2018 —
10.00AM TO 5.30PM

Successful Relationships are a set of learned skills using emotional Intelligence, communication skills and long term desire.

On Sunday 23rd September, four Base Modes of the Beautiful Space full Couple Empowerment program will be taking place at 42 ACRES in a one day workshop that promises to teach you something new about yourself and give you an over view of your relationship.

Combining thinking from the US, Europe and the East facilitation is by experts in the field of relationships, personal development and sexuality.

More about Beautiful Space

Beautiful Space is a space to flourish as an individual and evolve as a couple. It is an empowering program which reveals a path toward successful relationships. Created by experts in the field of holistic health, systemic therapy, couple counselling and tantra, its where you come to learn and understand about the most important part of your life, your relationship.

More About Sarah Tilley

In 2012 I created the Green Health Consultancy with the aim of rebranding natural medicine into a sustainable healthcare system following in the footsteps of Switzerland, France, Germany, and so many other countries. With the help of Dr. Peter Fisher, homeopath to HRH The Queen and other leading scientists and professionals including Sir Jonathon Porritt, in 2013 The Green Health Consultancy submitted the triple bottom line of complementary medicine to the NHS Call to Action.

Following this feat of imagination I studied Sustainability in the Healthcare sector at the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability. Climate change, the refugee crisis and how on earth humanity will survive what is to come is my primary concern in this day and age.

Beautiful Space has been born out of my impulse to add something to the revolution of change. I like to call it the revolution of desire and the one thing that keeps humanity working together, listening, talking, laughing and loving. This starts in the home always.

With over 15 years of clinical practice in the field of natural family healthcare, homeopathy, women’s health and couple wellness I have collated a model of wellness that I know works. Time and again, year after year I have witnessed sick people get better and relationships change, following personal enquiry into the self and a shift in lifestyle and perspective.

Successful relationships are grounded in a set of learned skills. They require emotional intelligence, long-term desire, a sense of security and expert communication. They need to come from patience and unconditional love.

I believe we must live by the adage: “The quality of our lives is defined by the quality of our relationships”.  This phrase is imprinted on my heart, it represents human potential encapsulated within 140 characters. Never has this been more important than now.

Humanity beckons us to pull together and set the precedent of success for future generations. Are you ready to join me?

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