Authentic Leadership Power - 42 Acres
Urban Retreat and Event Space in Shoreditch London

Authentic Leadership Power

Sat 6th April 2019 —
9.00AM TO 5.00PM

We need good leaders. But so often we choke and distort our own leadership potential because we don’t feel we fit the profile of the extraverted, seemingly confident leader. Yet all of us have leadership potential and superpowers that emanate from our own authentic presence and action. In fact, when we know what we stand for – our values, our purpose, our patterns and our triggers and the impact this can have on others, and we show up authentically and mindfully, then we embody the most powerful leadership attribute—integrity. And when we show up with integrity, then we attract people, propositions and potential which help us fulfil our mission.

In this powerful, interactive day long workshop, you’ll incorporate the journey of leadership development: from awareness of self and others, to acceptance with compassion, through to being able to make choices that will make you a better leader more able to positively impact others, and through that your businesses, organisations, communities, families, relationships and the world.

Leadership is often associated with the head, but in this workshop, we’ll be working with the mind-body connection. You’ll discover ways to understand yourself and your impact, how to self-manage under stress.

 You’ll takeaway:

  • – Better understanding and ways to action your own authentic power so that you can be at your best and have the impact you want
  • – Increased resilience
  • – How to spot and reduce toxic stress
  • – How to manage difficult conversations
  • – How to present effectively
  • – How to show up with integrity rather than adopting inauthentic and unhelpful leadership styles
  • – A better understanding of your patterns and triggers, how they impact others and how to manage them so you have the positive impact you want to make.

As this workshop will include embodiment work, we recommend you come in comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely.


Fiona Buckland is a life coach, facilitator and writer who works internationally with individuals and groups to release their potential. She does this through helping people to draw upon and develop their inner wisdom, clarity, courage and compassion, along with greater emotional, spiritual and ecological awareness. She is on the Faculty of The School of Life, leads several highly popular Guardian Masterclasses and has been featured across the media, including the Guardian, the Independent, and the BBC World Service. 

£129 Early Bird (ends 8th March)
£149 General

Doors open: 08:45am (no earlier) Workshop starts: 09:00am


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