The Art of Being: Love in the Afternoon - 42 Acres

The Art of Being: Love in the Afternoon

Sun 16th December 2018 —
1.45PM TO 5.15PM

A warm winter workshop of nourishing connection.

Think you’re too stressed to come? Not in the right state of mind? Already stretched too thinly? So many things to do? How about a little tender time-out?

Love in the Afternoon invites you into nurturing encounters with your fellow human beings. Here you can let go into an ambience of affection and love, relax if you wish into skin-on-skin contact with other cuddly creatures, and above all nourish those very human aspects of yourself that you may not be looking after, that can get easily neglected or compromised in all the pre-Christmas to-do.

If you feel that you are the one who is holding it all together, this can be where you allow yourself to be vulnerable, even overwhelmed. In fact, being allowed is the essence of this afternoon workshop. Come home into all that you are feeling. Reconnect with what is really going on deep down inside you. Bathe in the love that surrounds you.

There is nothing for you to do but to follow the wisdom of your body. As always, Alan will gently guide you in finding the connection with others that is just right for you. Say hello to your longing and discover how intimacy doesn’t require you to be in any particular mood. All it takes is your willingness to be your real self with another person. So you may find yourself in sweet stillness with another. Perhaps you are feeling quite heavy and all you want is to be deeply held? Or you need to get out of your mind into playful, sensual connection?

No matter whether you are feeling thin-skinned, silly or sexy, this Art of Being experience can open you to finding and expressing what it is that you need here and now to give yourself more of. So come and join us for an afternoon of love!

Practitioner Summary:
Alan Lowen, founder of The Art of Being®, is one of the world’s premier guides for people who want to learn to integrate and celebrate all aspects of their personal life and being. For over 40 years he has been presenting experiential workshops and long trainings that address the essential personal themes of people’s real lives. He studied psychology at London and Oxford universities. His personal mentors include Dr. Carl Rogers, one of the founding fathers of the human potential movement, and the mystic, Osho Rajneesh, with whom he spent 8 transforming years. In the late 80’s he founded The Art of Being® as a path of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Now, in his early 70s, Alan presents workshops and courses in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. A short intro video to his work can be found on his website

Time: Arrivals from 1.30 pm (1.45pm start – 5.15pm finish)

Location: 42 ACRES Shoreditch, 66 Leonard Street***

Tickets:  £35 / Members can get 30% discount by emailing

***Please note that unfortunately we currently don’t have disabled access

*This workshop is only open to people of 18+ years of age.*

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