42 ACRES & Wisdom Roundhouse: Surround Gongs & Plant Medicine Guayusa Ceremony - 42 Acres

42 ACRES & Wisdom Roundhouse: Surround Gongs & Plant Medicine Guayusa Ceremony

Sat 15th December 2018 —
7.00PM TO 10.00PM

It is in presence with our intrinsic breath that true inspirations arise. Inspirations that we use as embers to ignite the dreaming fire that forms the heart and body of our physical experience.

We will be surrounded and immersed in the powerful vibrations of Gongs and journey with the vision enhancing Amazonian plant Guayusa, to balance and harmonise every level of our being. Be guided to a deep state of presence, spaciousness and calm where the powerful currents of the gongs permeate our cellular memories – cleansing and freeing our energetic channels to the flow of vital breath and radiant creativity.

Facilitated and held by Lani Rocillo, Katy Dron and Nicole Buttencourt Coelho

Plant Medicine Guayusa is a lucid dreaming plant** that enhances inner visionary capacities. It guides to thin the veils between wakeful and dreams states, where meditative visions become more fluid, colourful, richer, and potent. It is very high in antioxidant and it has a synergistic effect that is both energising and relaxing.

**Please note that this is not a psychedelic plant.

Tickets: £25 + VAT + Eventbrite Fees

42 ACRES coworking community: 20% discount: please email shoreditch@42acres.com for more info.

Date: Wednesday, 15th December 2018

Time: Arrive from 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Place: 42 ACRES Shoreditch, 66 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4LW***

***We are sorry that 42 Acres does not currently have disable access. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.

Practitioner Info:

Lani Rocillo is a healing arts practitioner and a multi-instrumentalist musician. She has trained in Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Reiki and Bio-energy medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath and performance with the intention of opening space to explore and access our innate capacity to heal and realise balanced health, compassionate purpose and grounded creative potential. Inspired by the holistic approach in the creative process, she integrates wisdom discoveries from ancient spirit medicine traditions and contemporary platforms in her practice.

She holds ceremonial gatherings, facilitates personal therapeutic sessions and collaborates in art and music projects that innovate boundaries of culture towards strengthening the unified purpose of nature.

Lani is creator of Wisdom Roundhouse, a multi-disciplinary healing arts platform exploring wellness and expansion of consciousness through the melding of the mystical, artistic and scientific crafts.


Katy Dron is an experimental artist working with the interrelationship between sound, art, trance and healing hosting sound meditations and voice workshops alongside her performances in London and Tokyo. For more of Katy’s work see her website:


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