42 Acres presents: Mamas Temple Circle with Xochi Balfour - 42 Acres

42 Acres presents: Mamas Temple Circle with Xochi Balfour

Thu 2nd April 2020 —
20.00 TO 21.00


Join mama and feminine spirituality guide Xochi Balfour in an intimately held online Temple Circle: a safe and sacred space for mothers in which to share, listen and be heard and seen just as we are in this moment. 

In these demanding energetic times, where confinement is the prescription, we can feel like we are holding so much as mothers, with opportunities for self-care and simply slowing down to honour our own inner sky becoming fewer and further between. In this space, we come together to be, to unfurl, to deeply receive and to simply let go – through meditation, sharing and earthy relaxation. Come as you are: all of you are welcome. 

Circles are kept small, to six mothers, to create a strong container.

A suggested donation of £5 or £10 

What other Mamas have said:

“Xochi has so much beautiful wisdom and is so tapped into the divine feminine, it felt deeply nourishing and a sacred gift to give myself as I walked into motherhood more present to the emotional and spiritual changes that were taking place.” – Nikki, Motherhood Mentoring

“Opening, connection, expansion, sharing, being held, speaking, silence, hearing and deepening.  Realising this path home, whilst sometimes lonely, is so much more shared than I ever believed. I am grateful to you Xochi and this process, in the comfort of my own space  and still being able to safely connect with other women. I’m grateful for the commitment and investment to myself whilst reaching out for hands that were already waiting” – Grace, Online Temple


*As this is an online event it will be hosted on Zoom – a video calling platform. You will need to download this, for free, to your device to access the workshop. Closer to the time you’ll be sent the Zoom code and password, so you can access the sacred online space. 

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