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42 ACRES and The Sustainable Food Story Supper Club

Wed 13th March 2019 —
7.30PM TO 9.30PM


An immersive dinner journeying through the wonderful world of the microbiome, from healthy soil-to-gut.

This March 13th, 42 Acres is teaming up with the Sustainable Food Story to bring you a spring feast like no other.

These days, when we hear the word microbiome, we often think of the human digestive system. However, beneath the ground is a living ecosystem not unlike our own.

Let us take you on a journey into the fields and beneath the ground. The dishes we create reflect how regenerative farming can nourish the soil; introducing more nutrients and beneficial microorganisms through planting a diverse array of species, bringing animals back to fertilise the land, and working with the seasons and mother nature. The greater diversity there is on the land, the greater diversity there is on our plates. The greater diversity there is on our plates the greater diversity there is in our gut!

The dinner will be a 4 course menu which will take you all the way from the soils microbiome into our own, considering food sustainability with every ingredient. Diners will be taken on a guided journey through the food system learning about different varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables, the importance of eating with the seasons and how we can connect more with sustainable suppliers.

Dietary requirements catered for on request,

Tickets £35 with non-alcoholic cocktail on arrival

Arrivals: for 7:30 pm, first seated course from 8 pm.

Location: 42 ACRES Shoreditch, 66 Leonard Street, EC2A 4LW


About The Sustainable Food Story

Is a roving supperclub that travels around the world connecting citizens to the origins of our food through interactive dinners.

We are a foraging eco-chef/nutritionist, scientist/farmer duo who believe that we can go so much further than farm-to-fork. We grow our own produce or create close relationships with our producers; we utilize surplus and underutilized goods; forage in our edible surroundings, demystify and discuss food and farming issues through stories.

About 42 Acres

Imagine a world where we embodied our true nature. At 42 Acres, we do this through consciously creating space for connection; with nature, self, and each other.  We operate a beautiful rural retreat and working organic farm in Somerset, as well as our beautiful sanctuary in Shoreditch.

Our food philosophy is at the heart of what we do, channelling our ‘soil-to-gut’ principles into our regenerative agricultural techniques all the way through to the delicious nourishing food we prepare at our retreat guests.

This event, in collaboration with the Sustainable Food Story, is the 3rd event in a five part food series that aims to raise awareness for sustainable agricultural and improving on our current food systems.

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