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Our Story

42 Acres was founded by siblings Lara and Seth in order to consciously create space for connection. Their collaboration was organic. Lara's work in human rights allowed her to understand that effective outer change must start from within. Seth's interest in renewable energy and food sustainability cultivated his passion for regenerative farming. Together, their aligned values and beliefs have brought together a unique range of expertise from a diverse group of individuals.

Our Founders

Seth Tabatznik Seth Tabatznik

Seth is the co-founder of 42 Acres, bringing his commitment and passion for the environment into the initiative. Since 2011, he’s managed Berti Investments, which supports young, environmentally focused businesses in the UK.

Previously working in central London, frequently found staring at a computer screen, Seth realised that his worlds of nature, self and impact were misaligned. He now lives in Somerset, working remotely on impact investments, evolving his home into a self sufficient farm and nature reserve.

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Lara Tabatznik Lara Tabatznik

Lara is the co-founder of 42 Acres. On her journey of inner-work and personal transformation, it became clear to her that true change comes from within. During her time of self-discovery, Lara was privileged to both experience and witness how healing work can transform people. She felt a calling to create a dedicated home for others to have these life-changing experiences. A safe space for those with the desire to grow, dive deeper and actively engage with the world.

Lara dreams of combining her worlds of social change, consciousness and transformation –with a firm belief that when you allow yourself to go deeper inside, you can go further outside. She previously founded Bertha Foundation, and aims to bring leadership and transformation into the organisation.

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42 Acres Somerset

Our sister retreat center is nestled within a secluded valley surrounded by 700 acres of ancient forest and wild meadows. Providing elegant comfort and tranquility, the space is home to a range of pioneering transformative programmes, guided by trusted, supportive practitioners who help us reconnect with our world and our true purpose.

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42 ACRES Somerset Retreat Space
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Planet-friendly and socially aware; we invite nature and community into our living, breathing space. We use the most ecological and socially conscious products and services.

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