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Events and Retreats

We offer a diverse range of events that work to build a healthy mind and body. We work alongside learned practitioners who specialise in movement, yoga. mindfulness, sound healing, creative play, nutrition and wellbeing.

For a more immersive experience our Somerset retreat space located in 42 Acres of ancient woodland and organic, regenerative farmland provides extended courses on inner transformation, wellbeing, yoga, wild foraging and social ecology.

"42 ACRES is a haven of calm and tranquility in London and the dream place to work on so many levels; the inspiring mix of co-workers and 42 team, the beautiful space, the desk props, weekly sessions with talented practitioners and the best tea selection. Literally what more could you want?" Jess Abis, Founder of 100% Natural

"42 ACRES is like coworking in a day spa. Every time I come in they have a new way to make my life better: yoga classes, standing desks, home made soup!" Ronan Harrington, Founder of Alter-Ego

"Becoming part of the 42 ACRES coworking community has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, both on a personal and professional level. Being here has given my business a beautiful and supportive home from which to flourish. " Helen Morris, Founder of Samsara Communications